GPS tracker integrated into bike's frame



In case of theft, locate your bike to find it



With the free mobile application HOOT Bike

frequently asked questions

Which types of bicycles is HOOT Tracker compatible with?

HOOT Tracker is compatible with fork and stem with steerer diameter 1'' 1/8  (thread less or adjustable stem).

Warning: Not compatible with stem with quill.

How to recharge the HOOT Tracker?

HOOT Tracker is recharged with micro USB.

Is a specific qualification required for installation?

HOOT Tracker is designed for simple installation, requiring no specific training. A manual is provided as well as the necessary tools for its installation.

Where does the HOOT Tracker fit in the bike?

HOOT Tracker is a specific expander designed to fit into the bike's fork for optimal discretion. It does not in any way change the structure of the framework.

Is HOOT Tracker configured for activity tracking?

HOOT Tracker detects the GPS position of the bike every 10 minutes in standard mode. It is not conceived for activity monitoring but to find your bike.

HOOT Tracker is equipped with a Fast Track mode that increases the frequency of GPS position transmission for more accurate detection in case of theft.

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